In This powerful 25 min Awakening Session, Tobias Lars BS, MBA – will guide you through this activating, simple method for truly Awakening the Inner Body – our Etheric Body, our Energy Body, our ‘Heavenly Body’.

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A onetime $69.95  will give you UNLIMITED ACCESS to this Guided Recording of Tobias Lars guiding you through the Inner Body Awakening – one of the MOST POWERFUL PROCESSES for direct personal experience of a real SPIRITUAL AWAKENING available today.


This Ancient & fundamental method  helps us to  simply and powerfully have a real direct experience of sensing & connecting to our own ‘Spiritual Essence’, our Souls, our Inner Energy Bodies inhabiting our physical bodies.


Kirlian photograph of ‘Inner Body’ energetic field outpouring around hand

This is an enjoyable, easy and comforting method for becoming more aware of our Inner Body. The Inner Body also known as the Etheric Body is an exact duplicate of our ideal physical body. This Etheric Body is what leaves our physical bodies when we have an out of body experience or pass on to our next existence. The Inner Body is what creates, feeds, and heals our physical bodies. Contacting and truly feeling and inhabiting this Inner Body assists in us being comfortable in and being able to relax & enjoy our bodies. People have reported whole new relationships and healings with their bodies by doing just this simple method.

Our bodies are miracle healing machines. How do the cells know where to stop growing when healing a wound or a cut? How can our bodies so perfectly rebuild themselves?

There is an ‘Inner Body’ an energy etheric blueprint that the physical cells are being directed by when healing or replacing cells. Cancer is an obvious time when the ‘blueprint’ is no longer instructing the cells when to stop growing and they are replicating out of order.

This ‘Etheric Body’ is the body we astral travel in when we have ‘out of body experiences’. It is also the ‘perfected body’ that leaves us at death. It’s the ageless beautiful ideal body that we have in ‘heaven’. Wow, sounds good doesn’t it? Why can’t we have this body here and now?

WE CAN…if we actively connect and contact our Inner body we can assist and co-operate with our bodies at a much higher level. Most of us today simply allow the body to do what it does unconsciously, outside of our awareness. The body performs – digestion, cell repair, healing, cleaning, lymphatic system circulation, heart beat, etc. without us being consciously aware of it. But there are Yogi’s that can stop their hearts, cease their breathing, do ‘miraculous’ healings and they are in conscious awareness of their bodies’ inner functions. The Inner Body Awakening method helps us to become more in touch with our inner bodies. It will keep us healthier, looking and feeling younger, and it feels really good. But careful because if this gets around we’ll start putting the cosmetics companies out of business!


A onetime $69.95  will give you UNLIMITED ACCESS to this Guided Recording of Tobias Lars guiding you through the Inner Body Awakening – one of the MOST POWERFUL PROCESSES for direct personal experience of a real SPIRITUAL AWAKENING available today.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have been using the inner body awakening mp3 you sent me to calm focus and relax myself. I am currently going through a divorce that has been very hard to integrate as the situation has been a huge betrayal after 17 years and the fall out financially unfair to me. I can handle it but it is hard. Thanks for giving me a tool to help my mind and all 4 of my bodies to nurture themselves using this simple inner process of love and validation I can create for myself.

  2. Anonymous

    Very powerful, practical – I could feel the energy moving in the back of my neck where I had a tightness – and it simply dissolved – love it…I look forward to having a whole new interaction and awareness of my physical body. THANK YOU!!

  3. Anonymous

    I found my journey of Tobias’ Innner Body Awakening to be one of the most penetrating, passionate and life-changing adventures I’ve ever undertaken! I felt my body–bones, muscles, cells–in a way I’ve never experienced them before, as a loving, integral part of who I am. As friends. As allies and helpers on my path to my dreams. Rarely have I encountered a person and a process with such simple, searing clarity and power!

  4. Anonymous

    It’s amazing to realize how we take our body(ies) for granted and forget so easily to commune with it (them), so trapped we are in our day to day activities…
    The Inner Body Awakening is quite pleasurable and relaxing indeed!
    This process can only be beneficial to your body health and wholesome well being.

  5. Anonymous

    I heard you for the first time a few days ago on the Myth or Logic Radio Podcast – your message really resonated with me – I’ve ordered and looking forward to reading your book Listening to the Sun. I live in Tokyo Japan most of the year – hope to visit Sedona sometime – when I do I may contact you for some kind of session. Till then – All the Best and thanks for your work.

  6. Anonymous

    What fun! Tingles and pulses of energy, heat, joy, lightness. I feel so bubbly now! Can’t wait for more. Thanks for sharing this love-ly exercise. Thanks for everything you so generously share!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Can you just say WOW? This took me through a guided tour of my chakras, heart, soul, light body, essence…awakened me to the senses we so often ignore.
    Sensory perception to the max! I felt God bumps, tingling, vibrations, butterflies, pitter patters, throbbing (the good kind), expansions, eruptions…I felt like I was floating and got to spend a moment of timelessness in my higher self in bliss and harmony.
    I was in a wheelchair less than 2 years ago, and although now can walk and get by, I still experience pain in my spine and hip area on a daily basis…but with connecting to my Inner Body I felt NO PAIN. Not only that, I awoke with no pain! WHOO HOO!!! A morning without asking my kids to come in and help me get out of bed is like a dream come true!
    Thank you Tobias for sharing your arsenal of wisdom and all those you touch, and consequently, those I touch.
    My babies thank you too, Tobias!

  8. Anonymous

    Feeling and loving my body from within feels soooo good. It’s about time someone made it easy! Thank you Tobias for transforming our experience and thinking through your mastery – YET AGAIN!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Such a wonderful sojourn into bliss – and when I came out I saw something I’ve never seen before – out on the horizon, dozens and dozens of dolphins cavorting , leaping 5 and more out of the water simultaneously – splash splash splash – silver water sparking up – all along the entire front of Catalina island and onwards into the bay of Long Beach and Palos Verdes. Unbelievable happiness embodied – they musta felt us;-) Wowie-Zowie. Terriff!

  10. Anonymous

    We talk about the ‘Etheric Body’, the ‘Energy Body’ etc. all the time – but this really gets you to FEEL IT, EXPERIENCE IT!
    Perfect, so simple, so powerful…
    Thank you, thank you!

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