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Personal Awakening
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Inner Body Awakening

THE Most PowerFull ‘Easy & EnJOYable’ Method on the Planet! Really;) I’m not kidding – Cosmic ‘Money Back Guarantee’ ???? – ‘FEEL & HEAL’ your ‘Inner Body’ – Start EnJOYing your ‘Inner Energies’ – ‘FEEL & HEAL’ your ‘Inner Body’, Physical Body, Emotional Body etc. – GET GROUNDED in your Every Day Life.

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Alchemy Energy Process

– ‘ALCHEMIZE’ your energies to What YOU Want – Be Come a REAL ‘Energy Alchemist’ – Learn ‘The MANIFESTATION METHOD’ – Time to Re-member that YOU/WE WE are the ‘Masters of Energy’

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Without The Heart we can’t have a ‘Loving Creation’ – HEART is the CENTER! ‘As Above, So Below’ – 3 Chakras above & 3 Below the Heart. – Learn to FEEL, Activate & use the ‘TOROIDAL ENERGY’ of your Heart

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WEBCASTS with Tobias Lars

My Favorite 'Teaching Position' 😉

BOOKS by Tobias Lars

NOTE: Listening to The Sun & Awakening Souls are THE SAME BOOK! just pick the cover you like best!

LIVE WEBCASTS with Tobias Lars. Attend LIVE and/or Listen Later.

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Spiritual Travelers

Tobias Lars leads – AYAHUASCA RETREATS in Sacred Valley Peru – Dolphin Swims in Hawaii & Bahamas – Wolf Adventures in Zuni Land – HOPI Land excursions – Egypt, Laos etc coming up

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TALKS & SEMINAR DATES – ‘Course of Awakening’ Retreats & Tobias Lars Live Appearances. BRING A COURSE TO YOUR AREA…more info.

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Private Soul Counseling Sessions with Tobias Lars. Soul Script Readings, Soul Retrievals, Soul Activations.

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Tobias Lars - BS, MBA
Spiritual Teacher

Email: info at Sedona, Arizona USA

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