In This powerful 25 min Awakening Session, Tobias Lars BS, MBA – will guide you through this activating, simple method for truly Awakening the Inner Body – our Etheric Body, our Energy Body, our ‘Heavenly Body’.

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$49.95 Add to cart

$49.95 Add to cart

A onetime $49.95  will give you UNLIMITED ACCESS to this Guided Recording of Tobias Lars guiding you through the Inner Body Awakening – one of the MOST POWERFUL PROCESSES for direct personal experience of a real SPIRITUAL AWAKENING available today.


This Ancient & fundamental method  helps us to  simply and powerfully have a real direct experience of sensing & connecting to our own ‘Spiritual Essence’, our Souls, our Inner Energy Bodies inhabiting our physical bodies.


Kirlian photograph of ‘Inner Body’ energetic field outpouring around hand

This is an enjoyable, easy and comforting method for becoming more aware of our Inner Body. The Inner Body also known as the Etheric Body is an exact duplicate of our ideal physical body. This Etheric Body is what leaves our physical bodies when we have an out of body experience or pass on to our next existence. The Inner Body is what creates, feeds, and heals our physical bodies. Contacting and truly feeling and inhabiting this Inner Body assists in us being comfortable in and being able to relax & enjoy our bodies. People have reported whole new relationships and healings with their bodies by doing just this simple method.

Our bodies are miracle healing machines. How do the cells know where to stop growing when healing a wound or a cut? How can our bodies so perfectly rebuild themselves?

There is an ‘Inner Body’ an energy etheric blueprint that the physical cells are being directed by when healing or replacing cells. Cancer is an obvious time when the ‘blueprint’ is no longer instructing the cells when to stop growing and they are replicating out of order.

This ‘Etheric Body’ is the body we astral travel in when we have ‘out of body experiences’. It is also the ‘perfected body’ that leaves us at death. It’s the ageless beautiful ideal body that we have in ‘heaven’. Wow, sounds good doesn’t it? Why can’t we have this body here and now?

WE CAN…if we actively connect and contact our Inner body we can assist and co-operate with our bodies at a much higher level. Most of us today simply allow the body to do what it does unconsciously, outside of our awareness. The body performs – digestion, cell repair, healing, cleaning, lymphatic system circulation, heart beat, etc. without us being consciously aware of it. But there are Yogi’s that can stop their hearts, cease their breathing, do ‘miraculous’ healings and they are in conscious awareness of their bodies’ inner functions. The Inner Body Awakening method helps us to become more in touch with our inner bodies. It will keep us healthier, looking and feeling younger, and it feels really good. But careful because if this gets around we’ll start putting the cosmetics companies out of business!


$49.95 Add to cart

A onetime $49.95  will give you UNLIMITED ACCESS to this Guided Recording of Tobias Lars guiding you through the Inner Body Awakening – one of the MOST POWERFUL PROCESSES for direct personal experience of a real SPIRITUAL AWAKENING available today.

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  1. Gearoid Kelly

    The Inner Body Awakening is actually working for me! Best money I’ve ever spent. I have Fibromyalgia and fatigue is a major issue for me. After a few days of lying down and listening to this, I saw a big increase in energy. During the meditation, I have experienced unusual feelings of being “uplifted”, “cleaned” or “elevated”. I can’t really describe it. It’s subtle but powerful. I hope it continues to work. Thanks Tobias.

  2. Keith bovingdon

    Thanks Tobias, I’ve been following you for a while and just done the inner body exercise and by the end of it there was just bright light and peace! Thanks

  3. Christopher Rose

    Bless you brother, your conscious is sought after greatly, ty for bringing us to the door of our own minds instead.

  4. Lola

    I have to say, I was little upset after finding out how some people can get all this so wrong.
    I would like to say few words to all those people who’s coming here, buying these techniques or sessions with Tobias, and expecting a miracle FROM HIM, some sort of magic to happen… And then leaving disappointed… It does not work that way.

    Magic do happen but magic is IN YOU! Tobias is providing the tools, that’s all. The rest is your part, your work to be done.
    And magic do happen. I gave the Inner body awakening to a person who doesn’t even know who Tobias is. I explained to her how to use it and how to feel it and she did it. She was able to find that magic in her and she healed herself from disease no one had hopes she’ll survive. She instinctively allowed her magic to happen by using Tobias’s technique. It’s possible. But you do have to allow to come. Otherwise it won’t work.
    Of course on some level if you’re open enough, you’ll be able to connect to his magic as well, and he will help you… But most of the people are not able to do that. Which is good thing…
    Instead, I would recommend to allow your own magic. He gave you the tools, he taught you how to use it, now just do your part. Work on it by finding the love in your heart and filling your cup with that love. And that’s exact place when magic happens.
    Those tools, techniques he gave us are nothing new. He just made them so ingeniously simple so it’s approachable even to those people who have no any knowledge about spirituality, meditation, higher self, … Just follow and allow. So simple. And I just wish for more people to reach this and find their own power, their own magic they always had… It is possible.
    That’s all.

    • Tobias Lars

      Thank you for saying that – OF COURSE the idea is to reconnect us to our OWN power, our own ‘Inner’ …well, everything 😉


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