Original Innocence – or how to detect real Love-God from the mimickers


In No Cence
In No Sense
Are we Born(e)
Then from this we’re torn,
And so begins the Earthly Sojourn.

© 2001 Tobias Lars

Innocence cuts through all the Bull. You can’t fool a cat, a dog, a horse, or a cobra with ‘light’ teachings. Unless there is grounded Heart-Love – They ‘smell’ you right out.

Remember that it was ‘Light’ beings that infected the earth to begin with. Fancy geometric designs, ultimate mathematical Merkabah dimensional star vehicles, fractal fountains of generating forms that turn into the myriad manifested beings…are the domain of “Angels”, that ‘rule’ the hours, the gateways, the ‘creation’ process.

Some of these Angels….fell.
Joined the side of Non Love.

Not all “Light” is Loving light

No matter how ‘bright’…how sharp, how incisive, how fast, how good it ‘looks’.
Mother Earth has been subjected, corraled, harnessed, enslaved, cauterized by Unloving Light.
Imagine the ‘bright lights’ of an Inquisition. Very bright…but not loving.
The Roman Police interrogating the Oracle at Delphi…
In these days the unloving light often masquerades as ‘wanting to heal’…’bring Peace’ etc.

Let a Wolf steal your shoes

I know that my playful heart, my feeling playfulness, goofiness saves me.
I just got back from a trip visiting some very dedicated people who have created Sanctuaries for Wolves and

Wild Horses

The wolves and horses were very careful about who they let close to them.
Joy and I got to play with some full grown wolves…Wow! having a wolf lick your ears and put their paws on your shoulders…and try to steal your shoes! and overwhelm you with their raw, direct inquisitive wanting to play!…and to hold the wolf puppies…
that gets it real. Butterflies in our stomachs…will we pass ‘the inspection’ of their intuition.

Let a Wild horse ‘scan’ you

When the Wild Horses saw us they ‘checked us out’…seeing if they want to let us close. No fancy ‘light’ trickery will fool them. Yes, we can catch and ‘break’ them…and then we get ‘broken’ horses…and a ‘broken’ planet full of ‘broken hearted’ people. But the fun, the Innocence…will have ‘left the building’.

Let’s feel…the “light” before we align with it…just because it sounds-looks right….doesn’t mean it is.
That’s why we can’t fool “Mother Nature” she FEELS the light before any of the fancy word-mind wizardry infects Her.

A ‘perfect’ society, let’s say like the Pleiadians, with no crime, no need for money, no lack, perfect ‘openness’ is still lacking…lacking…raw feeling, INNOCENCE.
And the ET’s we call the Grays are so far gone…with no emotional bodies or sex left at all so the very life force is leaving them.

Why else are these ET’s here back on Earth looking for their ‘lost pieces’ of themselves? They created a ‘perfect society’ in the Pleiadies…like a manifestation of John Lennon’s ultimate song: Imagine. But something is still wrong. What’s missing? Feeling.

Innocence…the last gateway

I vote for the Original Innocence of the Original Plan of Loving Father Light and Mother Earth.
That’s what sacred places like Hawaii still carry and allow us to access.