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Join Tobias Lars for an all-inclusive stay at www.SourcePeru.com Explore the world of Ayahuasca and Wachuma (San Pedro) in a safe and comfortable environment surrounded by the beauty of the Sacred Valley.

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This Icaro - Song carries the 'Spirit' of our Aya Retreats

About the Ayahuasca Retreat

Where are the Ayahuasca retreats held?

Retreats are held at Source Peru (CLICK FOR MORE PICS AND VIDEO) in Sacred Valley, Peru.

Why Source Peru?

CLICK HERE for www.SourcePeru.com website.
After looking for several years at retreat centers in Iquitos, Pucallpa, Ecuador, Tepoztlan, Mexico (where Quetzalcoatl was born) – etc.

This is the right place. Madre Ayahuasca showed me in my 2nd Ceremony (in 2006) a vision of this place. Nestled on the mountain side by a waterfall on sacred pre-Inca grounds – www.SourcePeru.com is quite literally ‘out of this world’.

Best of All Worlds – BOTH the Direct Experience of other realities with Ayahuasca AND the Eastern Spiritual Yogic, Buddhic, mystic Christian teachings perspective combined. Many traditional Ayahuasca Ceremonies there is minimal guidance or debriefings. We have found it helpful to assist with this integration of the medicine into our western minds worldviews.

I needed to work with someone who receives the same messages from Mother Ayahuasca as I do – and the Director of www.SourcePeru.com and I both resonate with bringing Madre Aya to the world in an evolving way. Both of us having apprenticed with various teachers and Shaman’s through the years –  in Hopi Land, through Yoga traditions and with Madre Aya directly in the jungles of Iquitos and Pucallpa etc. – I’ve always heard ‘you must take it further’.
Our Retreats with Ayahuasca, San Pedro/Huachuma cactus, Kambo etc. are an evolving ‘brew’ 😉 overseen and guided directly by Source God, the Plants themselves and Madre Aya.
Working with Source Peru is the materialization of that vision I was shown in my 2nd Ceremony ever with Ayahuasca in 2006.

Why in the Sacred Valley?

Why in the ‘Sacred Valley’, Altiplano, the (Sacred Apus) Mountains of Peru?

After my first journey down into the jungles of the Amazon in Peru and participating in Ayahuasca healing ceremonies with Shamans – Madre Ayahuasca in my 2nd ceremony showed me that She was interested in also creating something more accessible for some people to be able to interact with Her in a truly supportive healing environment that wouldn’t be too foreign or alien for them. I came across a quote by an Argentinian psychologist who works with healing people with Ayahuasca where she said:

“We wanted to take the plant out of the insectoid terrors of the jungle, and away from the heavy warrior/battle energy of the Shamans.”

That’s what Aya had suggested to me also…a way for Her to spread Her work more easily.
In that 2nd Ceremony with Madre Ayahuasca she told me directly ‘Have Medicine Will Travel’ while showing me people from around the world, meaning she wants to make herself more accessible to all people around the planet.

So this beautiful place in Peru has offered us a place to do exactly that. By a Waterfall in the Mountains in the Sacred Valley of Peru! On Sacred Pre Inca grounds with native shamans supporting the project.

I heard this message again in recent ceremonies – Ayahusca repeated her request for us to offer the ceremonies outside of ‘the jungle’ environment.

And of course the Traditional Experience in the Amazon Jungle is exactly that…the original traditional experience. And you can email me if you’re interested in Traditional Jungle experience and I can refer you to what I feel are qualified places.

BOTH are equally valid, power-full, beauty-full. As usual it is – “Not either-or, it is Both & More!”

Please join us where you feel led – it’s easy to arrange and we’ll help with details.

What is included in the package?

This special retreat with Tobias includes:

  • 8 days/7 nights lodging at our edge-of-luxury retreat center
  • Group transportation from/to Cusco.
  • Accommodation in double rooms
  • Healthy, delicious gourmet meals (chicken/fish, vegan, vegetarian) are provided each day which can be accommodated for any dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, chicken-fish your choice) are also included.
  • 5 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • One Wachuma (San Pedro) Ceremony with Chulla Chaka (traditional Andean Sweat Lodge) Wachuma is a cactus medicine that tends to focus on opening the Heart spiritually.
  • Yoga classes in the mornings
  • Tobias will be assisting in ‘Q & A on Ayahuasca’ etc. each day following ceremony and offering & teaching the 3 Awakening Processes –
    • InnerBody Awakening
    • Alchemy Energy Process
    • The Heart Energy
  • Relax on the beautiful, expansive grounds or explore your surroundings on day hikes up the mountain trails.Sign up for a healing massage from one of our intuitive bodyworkers for an additional fee.
What is the cost?

FOOD, LODGING, ALL CEREMONIES, Laundry, housekeeping, Yoga Classes, Aya Debrief Sessions all INCLUDED  in the Retreats – $1745
Airfare – your responsibility
Massages – paid by you as extras
special excursions on days off, we can arrange taxis, guides etc. costs covered by you.

How do I register?

Retreat is easy to arrange, we’ll help with step by step details – email: aya@SpiriTravel.com or tobiaslars@SoulCounseling.com for a registration/application form for this retreat.

Are single rooms available?

Single Supplement/Private Rooms are available. Add $300 if you want to guarantee a private room.

Do you offer a refund if I can't make it to the retreat?

REFUND policy

  • Full refund of $200 deposit 30 days or more prior to retreat start date
  • 1/2 $200 deposit refund 30-15 days prior to retreat
  • Less than 15 days prior to retreat start – no refund but fully applicable to other retreat dates

If you’ve paid full amount it is fully refunded minus $100 or $200 according to above time periods.

Do you do Ayahuasca retreats in the USA?

We don’t do Ayahuasca Retreats in the USA – all Retreats in the Sacred Valley, Peru.

Do you do private Ayahuasca retreats?

Yes we do Private Retreats. These can be 1 person VIP retreats or a small group of friends or a larger Private retreat – please email us with what your needs are aya@SpiriTravel.com

Videos about Ayahuasca

Here Graham Hancock gives a good background on Ayahuasca. Go to the 23 min of video for the Ayahuasca portion. It’s a good video as an overview of Shamanism as well.


This is a good depiction of some examples of visions and spirit travel that might occur during an Ayahuasca Ceremony. This is from the movie ‘Renegade’ or ‘Blueberry’. Don’t get caught in the macho battle scene but look at the cinematographers depiction of the visions. The Feelings and emotional aspects are obviously impossible to capture on film – but this is a pretty good VISUAL representation of what may occur for you.

Throughout the seminar there was a lot of communication among the participants that forged a strong bond between us, and allowed me to really develop my interpretation of the completely overwhelming ayahuasca experience. For me, the seminar was a transcendent mingling of historic, contemporary, and futuristic worlds. It created a context in which an ancient medicine could be used by non-indigenous people in a way that was not separate or alien from our lives in the current world. The nature of the sacrament induces a feeling of unification with the human experience across the ages, and the power of the jungle reminded me of geologic time and the newness of the human species.

Thoughts by a 20 yr old woman about her experiences with Ayahuasca