Truth Comes Back Into the World
Whatever your concept of a Higher Power,
Cosmic Intelligence, God or just plain Common Sense and ‘doing the right thing’ is,
or if you don’t have a ‘god’ you believe in,
But you believe you yourself have consciousness-awareness-intelligence
Take a moment during the day
and appeal to this Higher Intelligence- Source – God – Cosmic Intelligence
to bring
Truth more fully back onto our earth.
Real Truth, Real Higher Intelligence, ‘Common Sense’,
The Truths we hold to be ‘Self Evident’.
Intend, with your will, your Intention your Brain Intelligence
That this ‘Truth’, whatever it may be, will become more present,
More obvious to all of us on the planet.

You have the Power! – from the comfort of your living room couch or in front of your computer YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE towards WHAT YOU WANT!

Many of us feel powerless today- This method I am sharing with you now – This is the real ‘Power of the People’, by the People for the People, purest form of Individual Freedom available anywhere. Nothing can stop this power. Thought-Intention is the root of everything you see around you. Something, some intelligence, someone first THOUGHT about it before it manifested. And the more powerful the Intention, the more likely the manifestation of the Thought. And the more ‘minds’ (people) get behind the idea, the more collective momentum the idea will have.

Maybe we can’t agree about the specifics about what is ‘true’, how the universe was made, if there is a ‘God’ or not but…

Maybe we can all agree that we want more Truth to come and manifest in our civilization on our planet.

Whatever “the truth” is. All we need is the courage to let go into allowing, Intending, praying for, asking for, seeing- visualizing that real ‘Truth’ operate more fully on the Earth.

If you are not willing to ask for this – Does that not mean that you may not really want ‘The Truth’ to come and become more apparent (a Parent) to us all? Why would anyone hesitate to ask for more ‘Truth’ on the planet? We’re not talking about any one individuals’ private little truth, but the big TRUTH, the TRUTH that created our bodies, the ‘TRUTH’ that created the process of thought itself, that created the Sun, the turning of the Earth, a leaf on a tree, snow, spiders – whatever ‘Intelligence’ created the whole thing we see around us.

You could say it was ‘God’ the way I/we/my group see ‘him’ or ‘her’ or ‘it’. That’s fine. Please participate and ask/ intend/ pray for/ that this ‘TRUTH’ come more fully onto the earth. If your ‘God’ is the true God and is the ‘TRUTH’ then he/she/ it will be able to more fully reveal themselves and help us all. And you’ll be able to help spread the ‘true message’ of your God this way.

If you don’t believe in a ‘God’ or Cosmic Intelligence, but just believe in human sentience, human ability to reason, to critically think and evaluate – then please lend your Intention arrived at through rational deduction. And through this that it would be good for all of us to intend, think about that real ‘TRUTH’ become more prevalent in our global civilization. Obviously (self evidently) we must believe in human ‘reason’ and ability to think or we wouldn’t be able to read this! Or think about it like you are right now! So please also participate in lending your ‘intention – thoughts’ to this bringing more ‘TRUTH’ onto the planet. Einstein proved that energy and matter are the same – interchangeable forms of something- E=mc2, so obviously thoughts are things that influence the world around us.

So very simply – ask for the ‘TRUTH’ to come and manifest more fully on our planet and in the doings of the humans on the planet.

We may differ about what or who God is, or if there is a God, or a Higher Consciousness that guides our Universe. But perhaps we can agree that we would like to have more Truth manifest on earth, in our civilization and in our individual lives, for our own well being now, for our children’s futures.

Science is proving today that we are electromagnetic beings. There are electromagnetic energy fields around our bodies that can be measured, “bio-electric” fields. These, we are learning, play a crucial role in our being able to heal.

The U.S. and former Soviet governments have admitted to using something called “remote viewing” in spying on each other. This is the ability to with the power of the mind be able to see over great distances or even see backwards and forwards in time. Governments have spent millions of dollars developing this mind-technology and admit that it works.

There are books being published every day that talk about people’s personal encounters with “miracles” or the “supernatural”. Angels appearing, being able to talk with departed loved ones, near death experiences of the other side, psychic abilities of everyday people are becoming common place. There is an explosion in knowledge about the spiritual and in our understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings and the abilities that have been dormant in us.

We have no difficulty believing in radio and television electromagnetic waves traveling through the air and then being somehow magically received and projected on our TV’s or through our radios. Every soul is a receiver/sender as well. Or if you believe we are only bio-electric machines we still have this power to receive and send electromagnetic energy waves. Our thoughts and feelings are being broadcast all the time on our frequencies. The “reality” manifesting on earth is the sum of all our collective thoughts and feelings. We are all creating this current reality.

The good news is we can change “reality” on earth!! We have the power to affect what’s happening on earth. Our thoughts and intentions literally manifest our collective reality on earth today.

If we can get thousands of us, (maybe only 144,000 as has been predicted) to participate in intending/believing/ willing that Truth come more fully onto the Earth, we will with our electromagnetic fields intending “Truth” affect the current reality into something more just, more fun, less painful, no wars, no strife, no disease, no food shortages, etc. It only takes a small percentage to trigger the whole. It can be likened to making yogurt, you only need a little starter “culture” and it will convert the whole batch to yogurt.

This requires no “work”, no pain, no effort, no struggle – it is easy, simple, even enjoyable –…simply taking a moment during our days to “Be still” and intend with our wills for a more Truthful world. You can do it on the subway, at a stop light, in the bathroom, before a meal, in bed before you go to sleep, as you wake up.

Science is proving that this willing/intending/praying works and believers of all faiths have always known it. This can be done simply, easily, in your private moments and you will know that thousands of others are doing the same thing and the results are guaranteed. There is no way that this electromagnetic force of thousands of people’s intentions will not have an effect. It has to, it is a physical law.

Imagine the possibility of a shift into a more harmonious, peaceful, caring, ‘plenty for all’, no disease, no wars, no injustice, world. What have you got to lose? It won’t take any energy away from you, this Moment of Intention will calm your nerves, your system, de-stress you, and if that is all it does you have at least gained something, less stress on your body and mind. Imagine a shift in awareness and caring for each other being able to happen easily with the intention of 1000’s of souls manifesting it and a Higher Intelligence participating in fulfilling our intentions.

I appeal to your heart, your humanity, for more personal enjoyment of our world, for a more ‘common sense’ world, for a better world for all our children, to participate in this.

All it takes is a Moment of Intention.
May we suggest you do it now.
“I intend for real Truth to manifest more fully on Earth.”
Simple…just intend that for a Moment.
You’re done!