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Energy UpGrades, Kundalini, Death and Re-Surrection oh My!

Since last June I’ve been going thru a ‘major upgrade’ in my whole system…
I know this Upgrade is affecting the whole planet and many of you as well.
Compassion…for all of US on this wild energy ride on Earth at this time is one of the things God Source is teaching me.

I had some ‘Emerge and Sees’ (carefull what you make tshirts of 😉 ) and hospital visits over the last year and I’m very Grate Full that almost all of that allopathic traditional medicine is covered by insurance.

IF you feel led to Help contribute some to my medical bills for the regular and alternative health practitioners I’ve been seeing and…
IF you feel the work I’ve done has helped you and…
And want to Support me in coming back to Full Expression with my work…

thank you.

I Am humbled that the Masters and God are willing to work with me and ‘save me’ during this time.
I will (perhaps) tell the details of the story later on.

So if you want to assist me monetarily momentarily…
Simply click the ‘Contribution’ button and follow the steps
(Small and HUGE contributions gladly accepted. 😉 )
It’s very much Appreciated!
Much Love,
Tobias Lars

p.s. If you haven’t bought/used the Inner Body, Alchemy Process or Heart Energy Methods – you can also help use these simple methods for your own Activation/Awakening and support me at the same time by ordering those here on the site.
They are listed in the right column on the home page.


Tobias – Thank you for guiding (our President/CEO) to a new experience. I received a text message from him stating that what you provided was a great way to start his larger ‘vision quest’ journey. Thanks for the help and guidance.

M.D. Chief Operations Officer

As I relaxed I could feel the energies moving around my knee as it started to heal.

George K- St. Louis

Tobias’s gentle style helped melt away my problem and I felt filled up with peace after our session.

Linda C- San Francisco

Thank you for my soul reading and for the Alchemy Energy Process which I found to be very helpful in clearing old thought patterns that I was hooked into. I appreciate your sharing your wonderful gifts and look forward to seeing you next time you come to Austin!

Sherry - Austin, T

I enjoyed our session very much….it confirmed that I am on the right spiritual path for me. Meditating and learning from you that morning was an incredible experience…..the energy, the spirituality, the ambiance fulfilled and went beyond my expectations.

Joyce R. - Canada

Dear Tobias, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to you for our session yesterday. Today I have been able to hear/process much of what you gave me to reflect on. After we hung up I felt that you still worked on me energetically, if that is accurate, I would like to acknowledge your effort. I am truly touched by your patience, your spirit, and willingness to help me. Thank you again for making the time for a session. In peace,

Mary C.

When I called Tobias the whole right side of my spine and neck were in intense pain, as they had been for ten days. (This was a chronic condition that had suddenly worsened.) Tobias helped me understand what that part of my body was trying to tell me, why it was so constricted, and what informational gifts it held for me. Later that day, I felt a lightening and ease of the pain. It”s now two weeks later and my back and neck are still so much better. My Doctor at my weekly appointment asked me what I had been doing because he said “you are at least 50% better.” Thank you, Tobias. Thank you, dear God for this healing.

Kathleen F. - Marin County

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