Plum Mandala & ‘World Famous’ Plum Tree

Above is the very famous, little known, ancient – not released to public by the hidden sects of Tibetan Masters – until now!


If you look into it and relax your thinking mind…
you’ll have a deep seated release of tension and a rising desire for….

*Plums courtesy of the tree outside — we’re sharing them with the Javelina’s (little wild pigs) – who come in the middle of the night and wake us up with their happy ‘smacking’ while they are fully absorbed in ‘food Samadhi’ while enjoying the plums and apples dropped from the trees.

By the way, Nature seems to be in ‘Abundance Mode’ and not limited in creating beautiful fruit – so if any of you would like some plums…we have way too many for even us & the Javelina’s to eat.

Really, just feel the beauty, simple, no effort of Mother Nature creating an over-abundance of delicious, succulent, no effort, no pain, no strain, just enjoyment effulging, effervescing energy…that creates perfect enjoyable forms.

I want this plan…let’s let that plan back into us…

It really is the best plan…the Original Plan…the Garden of Eden (Eatin’ in this case) Plan.

And of course it’s hard, fearful, stressful at times still

We have “….one foot shackled still…” in this time of ‘Birth on Earth’…

Patient with ourselves, the ‘patients’ that we are.

One of my friends (you’ll recognize yourself) recently told me his Qi Qong master who’s Chinese, said that Americans are really good at giving at being ‘outward’ and helpful and wanting to give to others…but from his point of view Americans have a harder time ‘Receiving’, allowing to be given to. It’s the vulnerable position, the position of Yin, receiving help, love…

Both are needed for the ‘circle’ of energy to click in and flow. Here’s a quote from God through Eileen Caddy of Findhorn fame…

“Love, that wonderful, wonderful gift
Do you pour forth love freely? Can you accept love freely, or do you hang back because you feel that you are unworthy to receive it? Do you perhaps feel that you cannot love and therefore you have no right to receive love? My beloveds, love, that wonderful wonderful gift, is there for everyone. All the time, morning, noon and night, week in and week out, year in and year out, love flows forth. You live it and breathe it like the very air around you, but it is a question of being aware of it. The more aware you are of it, the more you are aware of its wondrous power and of what this power rightly used can do to individuals, to nations and to the world.

You all have a part to play in radiating out love, but first of all you have to accept it yourselves before you can use it fully as it should be used. You have to open your hearts so that it can flow freely in and through you. Until you are ready to accept love, you cannot give love; it is a two-way thing.”

Maybe a simple…feeling inside, allowing the ‘being taken care of’…by Earth, Mother God, Father God, can really work.

Maybe we are creating ‘situations’ in our lives, on the planet, to set ourselves up to learn to allow, receive, to re-learn the easy way…the way of allowing Love truly feed us.
Maybe it’s helpful to remember that Love is a FORCE, a power, that literally can create worlds, universes, and so much easier than through stress, push, effort, strain…
Just like the Plum Tree creates an ‘orgasm’ a love explosion of ‘fruits’ for us to have.

It’s the experiment I’m trying-

“I let Spirit – God – Mother Father in, into me to help me,
I let go of having to understand and know everything, keep track of everything
I allow assistance, help from known and unknown sources,
And I allow action to do through me as InSpired Impulse moves in me,
Thank you, Thank You, thank you…”

P.S. The plum tree wanted everyone to see it, so after I wrote this it said it wanted it’s picture taken and included in this newsletter..

P.P.S. don’t tell anyone I talk to trees.