Did you know that in the English language we have 500 words to describe the parts of pneumatic pumps?

And only 6 words to describe our major emotions. (anger, love, hate, sadness, happiness, fear.)

Eskimos have 12 major words for snow!

What we are interested in we give names to. Our cult-ure hasn’t been that interested in emotions, e-motion, energy in motion. We consider them ‘pesky’, ‘annoying, embarassing, uncomfortable to a large extent.

But still we send $billions of dollars worth of Hallmark cards every year, trying awkwardly to express our hearts emotions. We are hugely uncomfortable being ’emotional’ with each other. Yet we long for it. We have ‘movies’ that try to ‘move’ us. We give out awards for the twisted, dark side dramas that litter the TV landscape. We give out awards for best ‘Drama’! No wonder we have ‘Drama’ in our lives.

And so we get an emotionally ‘stunted’ civilization where our ‘heroes’ are damaged. Like the recent story of the astronaut woman who was so overcome by her suppressed-unhealed emotions of anger and competition that she drove a 1000 mi wearing diapers so she wouldn’t have to stop to use a bathroom to ‘take out’ her rival vying for her man. She arrived with gun, duct tape etc. to ‘take care of’ her woman rival.

A society that values-worships mental power to the detriment of our hearts and emotions will manifest very strange ‘outbursts’ where the suppressed and damaged emotional body finally breaks through and up and ‘acts out’. More and more the medical community is realizing that practically all disease is emotionally based. This is exactly what occured in Atlantis and Rome towards the end of those civilizations. People would seem as if ‘possessed’ by something, but it’s really the held down, repressed emotions of lifetimes finally breaking through.

As Terence McKenna points out in his ‘time wave zero’ model of civilizational cycles and consciousness, we are living out all those civilizations, all of history is being compressed into the last 67 years between 1945 and 2012. So our ‘civilization’ may not last a 1000 years like Rome did, and we can see the ‘undoing’ coming already.