Why not have your own true Holy-Day- holiday in Kona, Hawaii- one of the true remnants of Paradise on Earth.

  • We’ll swim-spend time with the dolphins 3 times, spend at least two times at The Place of Refuge – a place where many healings occur.
  • We’ll spend time with Pele` at the Volcanoes National Park
  • Heal yourself, enjoy Paradise, and be an ambassador, bring a ‘seed’ back home from the healing remnant still existing in this the “healing triangle” of Hawaii.

As I stood inside the Place of Refuge this last time – I could feel the timelessness, the ‘kept space’ of Grace that still existed here. The soft waves on the perfect little beach that the Ali’i (chiefs) would use to land their outrigger royal canoes coming here to their sanctuary, the soothing gentle wind in the palm trees, the turtles resting on the beach.

As I looked out over the lava pools over the Ocean – I could ‘see’ beams of light going straight up into the heavens – I heard a soft voice explain to me that these were the beams of energy that safeguarded, retained the energetic integrity of this place of refuge. The voice also explained that there are other places around the planet ‘kept’ this way, as ‘storehouses’ of ‘seed energy’ that will be used to re-seed the Earth back into the Original Plan for ease, comfort, enjoyment of Life.

“If you bring people here, they will automatically get ‘seeded’ with this Original energy of harmony, peace, enjoyment, ease – and they will bring it back into their own lives and also assist in bringing this ‘seed of harmony’ back to others.”

Later I learned that even the Park Rangers have admitted to seeing a 30 foot tall ‘white specter’ walking the grounds and hovering over the water at night. This is the spirit of the Christ local Huna healers say.

I also learned that a healer has over the years brought 144 terminally ill cancer patients here and had an 80% success rate with healings.

We will swim with the dolphins right there in the bay outside the Place of Refuge, as well as in Kealakakua bay close by.

Let us know if you’d like to join us on this Dolphin Healing Adventure.