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Private Group Retreats

1,2, 3 or 4 People small outing is fine. & CUSTOMIZE A PRIVATE RETREAT 1-5 people to fit your dates. Friends, Family, Corporate groups.CONTACT: email for info: info@SpiriTravel.com or call: 928 451 9068

Upcoming Retreats

HOPI Adventures are only customized to individuals or small groups because of the private/personal nature of these Outings. Have several dates avail that work for you - and CONTACT us: info@SpiriTravel.com

All Upcoming Retreats

There are no upcoming events at this time.
CONTACT for Details: info@SpiriTravel.com

HOPI Land Adventure

HOPI Sacred Canyon

Each year we do just a few private adventure journeys to HOPI LAND – on the last Hopi Adventure we were invited up to Walpi by a family – (see picture to left) If you
feel drawn to this adventure contact us at info@SpiriTravel.com

Walpi Village up on the Mesa

The Space on Hopi Land is still very Mysterious and we have had unique experiences each time we go. This last time we were gifted with Hopi rocks, Piki Bread and invited into a Walpi home where they HOPI have lived continously since the 1100’s.

Wupatki Ruins are part of the HOPI ADVENTURE – we will most likely go here in preparation before going to Hopi Land.
It was a ‘sister village’ to current day Walpi and the Hopi and Zuni still visit Wupatki to honor their ancestors.

Hopi ‘Prophecy Rock’ Click here for more on Hopi Prophecy Rock

Bertram Tsaava & Tobias Lars your 'intrepid guides'
Hopi ‘Prophecy Rock’ Click here for more on Hopi Prophecy Rock

Customized Hopi Adventure 2 Full Days 1 Night stay on Hopi Land

The space on the Hopi Mesas is still very mysterious and reality can be very fluid. These are custom designed adventure trips for those that feel drawn to it. It could be just for you, or you and a friend or a very small group. We would have no specific agenda except to visit and see what is appropriate  and let Spirit guide us. Some people experience magical openings into other times and dimensions and trickster ‘Heyoka’ spirits cleverly guiding them. If you feel drawn to the Hopi Lands Tobias will customize and allow Spirit to guide us on a personalized private 2 day adventure. Click Here for article ‘How the Hopi create their World.’

Cost*: 1 person $495, 2 people $365 pp, 3-4 people (4 max) $295 pp.  Includes transportation & double occupancy lodging for 1 night  at The Hopi Cultural Center
are possible and we’ve arranged several over the years – we can still go to these sacred sites with our HOPI guides – email for details:  info@SpiriTravel.com
*substantial portion goes directly to HOPI families or the tribe via the Hopi Cultural Center.

Dawa Ki Petroglyphs (solar calendar & sacred original site for HOPI people)

‘Mother & Child’ at Blue Canyon – (you must have a guide to go to this sacred canyon.)

Note: Sometimes instead of staying at the Hopi Cultural Center we spontaneously arrange lodging with Hopi families directly and support them financially this way. During our visit we also are aware and looking for opportunities to directly honorably support financially as directed by Spirit the Hopi families we come in contact with.

Contact for details: info@SpiriTravel.com or 928 451 9068 

HOPI Sacred Canyon Video

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