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Dolphin Swim VideoVideo ©2008 by Dan Carew, KandaRiverProduction who graciously let us use his quality video taken on a similar tour - shows what swimming with the wild Spinner Dolphins is like. In addition to going out on the boat we also swim out from the shore to swim with the dolphins in protected bays south of Kona, Hawaii.


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A Spiritual Travel Adventure & Spiritual Vacation by SpiriTravel.com Spiritual Retreat

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5 days of Ease, Comfort, Play, Dolphins, Turtles & Volcanoes at a true Remnant of Paradise - located in “The Healing Triangle” on the Big Island of Hawaii.With sunset meditations and Full Moon Walks at “The Place of Refuge”, Kona

2 WAYS OF ATTENDING: 1. PICK ONE OF OUR NEXT SCHEDULED DATES: Dates TBA, check back (Note: you want to arrive a day early before the adventure starts. 5 days 5 nights - Book Early - small groups Group size will be limited to provide a quality experience for participants   2. PRIVATE RETREATS -PICK YOUR OWN DATES available for your group only-4 or more people and we can customize dates for your group - email for details: info@SpiriTravel.com

When you re-connect to a free (not domesticated) animal – when you connect with their spirit – they will help re-awaken that part in yourself – your freedom, your energy, your Spirit, your connection to all Life. And at the same time you will help that animal’s collective spirit and support the larger Eco phere of our planet.

Tobias Lars – BS, MBA, Mensa – founder and Director of SpiritualTravelers.com

Customize Dates for your Group:

We are doing 2 Dolphin Healing Retreats each year & Custom Dates for small groups – 4 people is enough to customize dates for your group. Contact 928.451.9068 or email privategroup@SpiriTravel.com for details

Diving w/ Manta Ray & Sunset from balcony.


Includes Lodging + Dolphin Swims & Volcano Adventure + Course of Awakening Seminar        $1995.00(single)

This option includes 5 nights at Resort & 5 days of Dolphin, Turtle  & Volcano AdventureCustomize Dates for your Group:
We are doing 2 Dolphin Healing Retreats each year & Custom Dates for small groups – 4 people is enough to customize dates for your group. Contact 928.451.9068 or email privategroup@SpiriTravel.com for details


To Reserve this Trip CONTACT: Tobias@TobiasLars.com

Dolphin Swim & Volcano Adventure + Course Of Awakening Seminar

Note: you arrange your own lodging & food for this option (see suggestions above)$795.00

To Reserve this Trip CONTACT: Tobias@TobiasLars.com

*Airfare not included - we recommend www.Kayak.com for finding competitive airline fares

Interacting With The Dolphins The Dolphins are a ‘Totem’  Spirit – they ARE a way of being – a particular ‘frequency’ if you like –  that is helpful to humans by helping us to be able to ‘let go’, relax, enjoy, ‘play’, and just be. There are many stories of Dolphins interceding in emergency or critical times for humans. Often this takes the form of someone having reached a point of ‘end of their rope’, – and the Dolphin Spirit somehow reaches in and assist in ‘lightening up’ the situation. This ‘frequency’ of the Dolphins is available in many forms – you could simply sit and meditate & telepathically tune in to their frequency. Or you could Kayak next to them and watch and feel what they are and do. Or you could sit on shore and see them leap, spin and play, or you could swim with them.    All these ways are great to feel and experience the Dolphin’s Spirit

Note: we have several options to be with the dolphins, we swim & snorkel out to them, kayak, or observe from land – whatever is preferable and comfortable for each participant.

928-451-9068 or  info@SpiriTravel.com

…Dolphins in the bay where we’ll be…

Our first day down at Place of Refuge, we saw the dolphins leap and spin out in the protected cove. Our last day a large pod of dolphins showed up, this time with babies jumping and ‘spinning’ for us. We got in the water and spent about 1 1/2 hrs swimming with them. We could hear them ‘talking’ under water and they made a special show and acknowledgment of swimming by and playfully touching flowers we tossed to them. During our retreat we will have 2 boat excursions to be with the dolphins and for adventurous types an opportunity to swim out to them off the beach.

Swimming and Wading with Turtles in Hilo bay…on some of our trips we can do this special outing.

The Kona Green Gecko (that is ‘luck’ according to Hawaiian legend) showed up for us all week. The first day of the course we had a baby green gecko greet us. Here’s a picture of one that visited us later in the week. Look at that tail!

Some of us under the Bhodi Tree.

By one of the ‘Steam Vents’ at Kiluea Volcano

Last Evening by the Place of Refuge

We met in the Palm Grove of the ‘Secret Garden’ and one day under the Bhodi Tree.Our ‘lei’ of plumeria flowers that we placed on the palm tree stump in our ‘Secret Garden’, mysteriously did not decay like the other flower lei’s. We all noticed and commented on it.

During our ‘Laughter Yoga’ session the day after our visit to the Volcano, we must have had a visit from what Pila Chiles calls:

“…the second chemical reaction, said to be more powerful than all the healing agents known to Man. It comes ‘out of the blue’ with the power of a jackhammer, shattering the seriousness of the entire human estate. A power instantly freeing and balancing to all the body’s chemistry. This is the power of laughter. When it comes in this manner, it comes through the ‘na’au’ (gut level) and will pierce the hopelessness of any situation or attitude. It is not a power to be taken lightly, for the Ancient Hawaiians say it holds the chemistry of immortality and will instantly heal any terminal disease. It is said to be the ‘laughter of God’ which shatters the ridiculousness of hopelessness.”

Everyone in the group had a great Laugh and it felt like lifetimes of stress and worry were released from us.

On our day trip to the Volcano we ‘appreciated’ the Ferns by connecting with a 15 foot tall one as we entered the rainforest, feeling the softness of its golden ‘hair’ and then on our walk we all noticed and felt the spirit of the ferns. We left our offerings for Pele`in a Like Like ceremony of ‘letting go of the old’ and walked across a caldera. As we were finishing our walk across the black lava, a cool wind, the Pu’ulena wind of Pele (we learned later) came and cooled and reinvigorated us for the climb out of the volcano’s caldera.

The ”Course Of Awakening’ Spiritual Retreat- Healing our Bodies, Minds, Hearts & Spirits with Ease, Comfort & Enjoyment! “The Gentle Awakening”

A Spiritual Travel Adventure To Reserve your space call – 928.451.9068 or info@SpiriTravel.com 5 days of Ease, Comfort, Play, Dolphins & Turtles at a true Remnant of Paradise – located in “The Healing Triangle” on the Big Island of Hawaii. With sunset meditations and Full Moon Walks at “The Place of Refuge”

To read more about Pu’uhonua o Honaunau – “The Place of Refuge” where we will be doing our Sunset Meditations, Full Moon walks and Dolphin Communions click the following links.


"The Best of All Worlds"

Sheraton Kona Resort and Spa at Keauhou Bay

78-128 Ehukai St.
Kailua-Kona HI 96740
Phone: 808-930-4900

All accommodations include: high-speed internet access in guest room, self parking for one vehicle, unlimited local and 1-800 calls, up to 30 minutes on long distance calls per day (inter-island, continental US, domestic calls), 2 bottles of water daily, use of Kona Trolley, Yoga Classes on Monday and Thursday Mornings, Cultural Tours on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings and Friday Evenings, Island Orientation on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings, and Hula and Lei Making Lessons on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings.

Parking is complimentary for all guests.

Shuttle service to and from the Kailua-Kona International Airport is available through Speedi Shuttle at 1-877-242-5777 or kona@speedishuttle.com. The rate is $37.29 for one passenger sharing with others, and less per person if booking for two or more. It is advisable to book at least two days in advance.

Check in: 03:00 PM Check out: 12:00 PM

MANAGO HOTEL: $50 – $75 A NIGHT this is a charming, traditional, historic hotel run by a Japanese family that offers a real ‘old hawaii’ experience at great rates.

Cancellation Policy:

While we would love to keep it absolutely flexible and be able to let people cancel at anytime  because of small groups and occasionally having to turn people away these are the policies we believe are fair.
90+ days out: full refund minus $50 re booking fee which is applicable to any of our future SpiritualTravelers Adventures.
60-90 days out: full refund minus $100 re booking fee applicable to any of our SpiritualTravelers Adventures.
0-30 Days out: 1/2 refund and other half applicable to any of our SpiritualTravelers Adventures.
Note: if you or we find a replacement to take your space we will give you a full refund minus $50 handling fee at any time.

The ‘Course of Awakening’ is included in your stay. A relaxing, opening, healing Course of Ancient ‘Awakening’ Methods.

Sedona Weekend Retreat:
The longer ‘Course of Awakening’  is incorporated on our SpiritualTravelers.com retreats and as a 2 1/2 day weekend retreat in Sedona. info@SpiriTravel.com
Evening Program
: Course of Awakening is also presented as an Evening Program of Spiritual Healing, Satsang, Divine Discourse & practical healing methods to take home.  Contact for more details or to schedule a healing evening for your group

We will be using some of the following easy, enjoyable, simple, proven and true exercises used by Masters and Teachers over the centuries–

These are enjoyable, simple to learn ways of allowing in abundance, pleasure, enjoyment that you will be able to easily incorporate into your life after the retreat. You will come away from the course with a seed that can grow into a permanent shift-awakening for you.

Simple Connected Breathing  – ‘The Breath of Life’ has been called Prana by the Hindus, ki by the Japanese, Chi by the Chinese, Ruahk by the Greeks. This is the Living Soul Breath Word of God. With this method we connect with and allow the Life Force to re-fill us, re-set our etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Amazing clearings, awakenings, rejuvenations have occurred for participants during this simple exercise.

Calming the Mind – In this exercise which usually turns into fun and laughter, we will be letting our thoughts and our mindtalk free so that they can be released. It’s like we are taking the lid off a pressure cooker and allowing it to relax and find it’s own level. After a while of using this method we find our thoughts and minds coming to rest in a peaceful, balanced, harmonious place. Many people find that with just this one exercise they have a major shift in feeling more peaceful, joyful and powerfully centered.

Inner Body Awakening – An enjoyable, easy and comforting method for becoming more aware of our Inner Body. The Inner Body also known as the Etheric Body is an exact duplicate of our ideal physical body. This Etheric Body is what leaves our physical bodies when we have an out of body experience or pass on to our next existance. The Inner Body is what creates, feeds, and heals our physical bodies. Contacting and truly feeling and inhabiting this Inner Body assists in us being comfortable in and being able to relax & enjoy our bodies. People have reported whole new relationships and healings with their bodies by doing just this simple method.

Physical Energy Awakening – As most of us know nowadays, our bodies end up carrying most of our stress and there is gathering evidence that almost all of our dis-eases are rooted in stressing our bodies. The body knows innately how to release these stuck, held back, pent up energies. Animals do this freely, easily and automatically. Watch how dogs will shake their heads and bodies to feel better and more aligned. See how the ducks flap their wings to release pent up energy and then settle down, see how cats stretch and ‘vibrate’ their bodies filling themselves with energy, see how birds ‘puff’ their feathers out and re-energize themselves etc.

This exercise is designed to let our bodies naturally and easily realign themselves, and free themselves of any unwanted, stuck or uncomfortable energies they’ve been carrying. This is where we help the Inner Body-Etheric Body to re-integrate and connect with our physical bodies.

Laughter Yoga -Pure Laughter & Merriment – We have all heard it said that– “Laughter is the best medicine.”
Dr. Bernie Siegel cured his cancer using only laughter by watching funny movies.
There are hundreds of cases of laughter healing supposedly terminally ill patients.

Watch this video and try not to laugh! Click Here:

Or here to watch a CNN report on Laughter Yoga. Or John Cleese visits Laughter Club in Mumbai, India.

With this enjoyable technique we let laughter wash over and through us…usually there are a few people who have truly tearspilling, gut busting healing laughter occur during this playful exercise.

The Heart Energy- God is Love, The Power of Love is the strongest power in the Universe, though often in the current model of civilization on Earth we have come to believe that Mind and thinking are more powerful.

In this exercise we will activate the Energy of Love into our hearts, minds and bodies in a strong physical way. Besides being one of the most enjoyable feelings and energy, Love also heals us on every level.

And The Best for Last!

We will be learning one of the simplest methods on the planet, a method incorporating Jesus’s forgiveness, the empty mind techniques of the Buddha & Zen masters and the Bhakta heart devotion of ancient India…all in one simple technique the ancient Hawaiians discovered…called:


This is an ancient Hawaiian technique that we will be learning and using to heal our selves, those around us, and our civilization during our retreat. Simple, easy, incredibly effective and powerful. Please read how one doctorhealed patients at a psychiatric institution by using this ancient Hawaiian method by following the link below.


Hoo means cause in Hawaiian and ponopono means perfection.

“I” AM THE “I”


“I” come forth from the void into light,
Pua mai au mai ka po iloko o ka malamalama,

“I” am the breath that nurtures life,
Owau no ka ha, ka mauli ola,

“I” am that emptiness, that hollowness beyond all consciousness,
Owau no ka poho, ke ka’ele mawaho a’e o no ike apau.

The “I”, the Id, the All.
Ka I, Ke Kino Iho, na Mea Apau.

“I” draw my bow of rainbows across the waters,
Ka a’e au i ku’u pi’o o na anuenue mawaho a’e o na kai a pau,

The continuum of minds with matters.
Ka ho’omaumau o na mana’o ame na mea a pau.

“I” am the incoming and outgoing of breath,
Owau no ka “Ho”, a me ka “Ha”

The invisible, untouchable breeze,
He huna ka makani nahenahe,

The undefinable atom of creation.
Ka “Hua” huna o Kumulipo.

“I” am the “I”.
Owau no ka “I”.


“Tobias’s considerate approach and insightful guidance allowed for the magic to happen again in my life. I felt reconnected in that uplifting atmosphere of the Big Island’s sacred places of beauty. So if you are on a quest for true spirituality I highly recommend a SpiritualTravelers Adenture.

Valery B. Sao Paolo, Brazil

“Having 2 dolphins swim up next to me on each side and show that they trusted me – did something amazing to me…I can’t explain it – I was so filled with new energy – and of course Hawaii, the Volcano walk was amazing. Thank You!!”

B.H. - Canada

Today I was telling a friend about our trip and words could not adequately describe the spiritual experience I had.  It was life changing.  I went hoping to see a manatee and had an experience beyond my wildest dreams.  I felt such a connection with them.  It started with our special greeter when we were in the boat;  then continued with the baby manatee whose face I held in my hands and whose flippers hugged me; and ended with singing “Peace is Flowing Like a River” in the “Three Sisters” an area of Peace, Tranquility, and Harmony.  It was there that I felt one with nature.
I can not thank you enough for being so patient with this novice swimmer and guiding me further on my spiritual path.

Geri USA